Cajon for Beginners - Complete Teaching Package Bundle!

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Cajon Percussion Drumming TEACHING SLIDES + WORKBOOK

The PERFECT Resource for Teaching the cajon in your music classes!


Have you thought of introducing the cajon to your classes?

This lesson package has everything you need!

This package provides step-by-step instructions, making it simple for teachers to conduct, even teachers with no background in the cajon!

As a music teacher myself, I can assure you that kids will LOVE this resource!

This starter's pack includes both the teaching slides and the workbook.

It is suitable for anyone learning the cajon from scratch.

The course takes students through basics of the cajon and how it relates to the drum set.

The teaching slides contain clear diagrams, videos and explanations, so students will be able to master the cajon easily.

Students even get to create their own cajon rhythms and perform them!

As students learn about the cajon, they fill in the activities in the workbook. The workbook also contains QR codes to learning videos and songs they can play along to so that they may be able to revise and practise on their own.

This complete cajon drumming unit is perfect for the classroom!

Content includes:

- History of the cajon

- Quiz about the cajon

- Word Search

- Parts of a drum set

- Sounds of the drum set

- Creating different sounds on the cajon

- Step-by-step rhythmic patterns on the cajon

- Explanation videos

- Play along to music videos

- Composition and performance activity

WHY GET THIS instead of other materials?

- Tried and tested by a real music teacher

- Easy instructions for teachers with no experience

- Includes links to music tracks which kids can play along to

- Fun and engaging approach to learning the cajon

- Visually appealing to wide range of learners (not childish-looking)

- Contains a wealth of instructions/information and step by step instructions

- Includes extra activities such as quizzes and composing activities

- Affordable price

Technical details

*Teaching slides are in PowerPoint format. Text and photos have been locked so that they cannot be edited due to copyright issues.

The workbook is in PDF format.

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Cajon for Beginners Teaching Package Bundle: Teaching Slides + Workbook

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Cajon for Beginners - Complete Teaching Package Bundle!

0 ratings
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